Our points of sale: diversity and quality

Thanks to its network of distributors, DRESSING ROOM™ is present throughout France, in the large regional metropolises as well as in mid-sized towns, and beyond… the assurance of an excellent exposure for the brands, the guarantee of professionalism for the distributors.

Prestigious customers

Our seriousness and our expertise have allowed us to create a prestigious network of distributors. Big names of multi-brand distribution rely on us. We work together for the great delight of the fashionistas:!

  • Le Bon Marché, Rive gauche: Paris
  • Le Printemps: Paris and France
  • Les Galeries Lafayette: Paris and France
  • BHV le Marais: Paris

More than 400 customers throughout France

Thanks to our salesforce in the field, we are present in all the regions of France, offering the expert knowledge and service of DRESSING ROOM™. Are you an independent multi-brand retailer, do you run a neighbourhood store close to your clientele? Rely on us. We will be the LINK that you need to the trendy fashion brands and accessories!

Beyond the frontiers

High quality of the commercial locations, dedicated customer relations, quality of the selected brands, welcome in our Paris showroom… DRESSING ROOM™ is recognized throughout France and elsewhere. Our reputation is our best spokesperson!

  • French West Indies, New-Caledonia: points of sale
  • Asia (Japan.): export buying offices
  • Middle-East and Gulf States: export buying offices